Kali : Artstation Challenge (Beyond Human)

Kali: Beyond Human- Grey/ WF / Color Turnaround

This is the project I completed for the Artstation Beyond Human VFX(Rendered) Character challenge this year. I chose the concept Kali by Ivan Reber most because she was a perfect representation of what I think humans could evolve into in the years to come. I loved this character project because it had both organic and hard-surface modelling as well as many surfacing and material challenges to face.
I had a lot of fun completing this project and I am really excited about the results I achieved at the end. Of course I think there are many places I could improve upon and tweak on this project but we all know that when the deadline comes knocking you step up your game and bring it home :)
I wanted to thank everyone for their support and feedback throughout the challenge !
I hope you guys like it! :)
Original submission thread: https://www.artstation.com/contests/beyond-human/challenges/25/submissions/20707
Original Concept by Ivan Reber: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/AnvPV