Lyn-Z : Creating a Stylized Female Character (Gnomon Workshop Course)

Hey everyone!! The cats out of the bag!! 
I’ve been working on this bad boy for the last 3 months with The Gnomon Workshop and I’m really excited to share it with you all!
This is Lyn-Z, A character created based on an incredible concept by
This is a HUGE tutorial for creating a stylized female character using maya, Mari, marvellous designer, xgen and zbrush.
I hope you guys get a minute to check it out if you’re bored during this isolation time and want to watch some tutorials!

"In this tutorial Senior Character/Creature Modeler Crystal Bretz takes you through her entire workflow for creating a stylized female character. Using a concept supplied by Angel Ganev, she shares the entire process for translating a 2D concept into a 3D character. This workflow includes a look inside the techniques used for Modeling, Texturing, Groom, and Lookdev. The first topic in this tutorial is how to start and plan a project and what steps to take to ensure your success and completion.
Starting with the base mesh supplied we will sculpt the body in ZBrush and move on to modeling props in Maya and talk about techniques and workflows along the way. After creating the base body, we will use it to create clothing in Marvelous Designer and show methods for retopology and detail transferring. Crystal will continue to talk about UV layout to optimize your results and ease your texturing process within Mari and also give a brief overview about posing your character in Zbrush.
We will go through the entire groom process with Xgen and speak about modifiers, painting maps, stray hairs and applying a texture to your clothing fuzz. This tutorial will conclude with a section on the Lookdev and setting up your render layers for your final output. The goal of this tutorial is to help you understand the process for creating a stylized character from start to finish with a great final result."