Atlas / Pbody ; Portal 2 Fanart

Crystal bretz teampose v001
Crystal bretz teampose grey v001
Crystal bretz teampose wf v001
Crystal bretz fullbody 0113
Crystal bretz fullbody 0055
Crystal bretz upper 0103
Crystal bretz upper 0055
Crystal bretz lower 0001
Crystal bretz lower 0065
Crystal bretz grey2
Crystal bretz wf2
Crystal bretz gun
Crystal bretz gun 001
Crystal bretz atlas beauty final
Crystal bretz mapsbreakdown

Hi guys! So this is a collaboration fan art that I made with Frederic Arsenault. I was responsible for the modeling, texturing and lookdev of p-body as well as the portal gun for both robots. I also lit and rendered our final composition with vray, and composited in nuke.
Frederic was responsible for all 3d aspects of Atlas and rendering / lookdev with arnold. The link to his profile is below if you want to check out more of his awesome work!

Frederic Arsenault:

Modelled in Maya, Textured in substance painter / mari. and we used a variety of render engines throughout this project but in the end landed on vray for our final composition.

I hope you guys like it! and I hope you go play the game, just like I'm about to do :)